Case Studies

Organized team chat

The calmer, more efficient way to work.

What makes Zulip different

People often tell us that traditional team chat tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.) feel chaotic and stressful.

Zulip is designed around conversations that are labeled with topics, to make communication feel organized and efficient. It’s easy to get an overview of what conversations are happening, and to read one conversation at a time.

Zulip’s threading model makes it so much easier to manage my team… As a leader, in just a few minutes I can get an overview over what’s going on and see where my attention is needed.
Case study with Gaute Lund, co-founder of iDrift AS

Collaboration at scale

Zulip helps teams of all sizes be more productive together, from a few friends hacking on a new idea, to globally distributed organizations with hundreds of people tackling the world’s hardest problems.
Zulip has the best user experience of all the chat apps I’ve tried… It is the only app that makes hundreds of conversations manageable.
Case study with Tobias Lasser, Technical University of Munich

Enterprise ready

Take charge of your mission-critical communications with Zulip’s reliable 100% free and open-source software, with no vendor lock-in. You can count on our industry-leading security practices to keep your data safe.

When you self-host Zulip, you get all the features of our cloud offering, plus ultimate control and compliance.

Learn how Zulip can help your organization!

Zulip is everything Slack is, but it’s smarter and more powerful.
Rust development would not be moving at the pace that it has been without Zulip.
Josh Triplett,Rust Language team co-lead
Zulip’s topics have made it much easier for me to keep things coherent.
Kiran S. Kedlaya,Professor of Mathematics at UCSD
The excellent LaTeX rendering and clever threading make it far superior to email and Slack.
Tom Gur,Associate Professor at Warwick
With Zulip, questions or ideas were spread openly.
Christophe Ritzenthaler,Executive Director of CIMPA
No other tool has a user experience that scales to a community of our size.
Nick Bergson-Shilcock,CEO of Recurse Center