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These Zulip communities are open to the public, and have opted in to be listed. is an open source, unfiltered flight tracker with a focus on open data. Data is provided by people like you, and is available freely via the API and the historical daily archive.


Welcome to ai@columbia. The community gathers faculty members, researchers, scientists, postdocs, and students working on artificial intelligence and related topics, and its applications ranging from biology to history. | This community is a one-stop shop for all AI events/jobs/networking events happening in Columbia with 600+ members. | Our happy hours are on the first Monday of every month! Here is the calendar of events: | Email us at or reach us at


AI generated content or Generative AI refers to the algorithms that can automatically create new content in any digital medium.


Welcome to the Antora user and developer community chat! | This forum is for sharing technical writing and publishing experiences with Antora, an open source static site generator for creating documentation sites based on the AsciiDoc markup language. | We encourage you to join to ask questions, help fellow community members, offer feedback for the developers, get involved as a contributor, or to observe and learn. By participating, you're expected to uphold our Code of Conduct. | If you have trouble accessing this site, please contact


Artigraph is a tool to improve the authorship, management, and quality of data. It emphasizes that the core deliverable of a data pipeline or workflow is the data, not the tasks.


Welcome to the AsciiDoc community chat! | We encourage you to join to ask questions, help fellow community members, offer feedback for the developers, get involved as a contributor, or to observe and learn. By participating, you're expected to uphold our Code of Conduct. | If you wish to participate in the AsciiDoc Working Group, we encourage you to create an Eclipse account and sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement. If you already did, please set your Eclipse Account URL on your profile.


Welcome to the Asciidoctor user and developer community chat! | This forum is for sharing technical writing and publishing experiences with Asciidoctor, an open source processor and publishing toolchain for the AsciiDoc markup language. | We encourage you to join to ask questions, help fellow community members, offer feedback for the developers, get involved as a contributor, or to observe and learn. By participating, you're expected to uphold our Code of Conduct. | If you have trouble accessing this site, please contact

Backdrop CMS

The free and open source CMS that helps you build websites for businesses and non-profits.


BECOME DEVLEOPER love computer science love technologies low level things nerd hacky geek


The coolest place in the universe.


Welcome to the BioCypher chat! BioCypher ( is an open-source and inclusive framework for making knowledge graphs more accessible to the research community. | Please introduce yourself in the Introductions topic in #general! You can join #announcements for updates on BioCypher releases, #help for general help with the BioCypher software or a particular pipeline, and #development for development news and ideas. | If you are interested in Large Language Models and Conversational AI application to biomedical research and databases, please join the #chatgse channel.

Bytecode Alliance

The Bytecode Alliance is an open source community dedicated to creating secure new software foundations, building on standards such as WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interface (WASI).


The coolest place in the universe.


ClassicPress is a community-led open-source content management system for creators. It is a fork of WordPress that preserves the TinyMCE editor as the default option. It is lightweight and blazing fast thanks to a leaner codebase since the block editor (Gutenberg) and FSE were removed. | ClassicPress is maintained by ClassicPress Initiative, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded by the community. * Get ClassicPress * Support Forums * Documentation * Donate on Open Collective


Welcome to Clojurians Zulip - the place where the Clojure community meets (since nov-2018). And the home of the searchable Clojurians Slack-archive. | Before you signup/login: * participants are expected to adhere to the Clojurians-zulipchat Code of Conduct. If you believe someone is contravening the CoC, please privately message @admins. * for extra productive discussions, please familiarize yourself with the Clojure etiquettes. | Enjoy!


This Zulip organization hosts streams for discussing any Coq related project. The public streams are continuously archived on


A place for conversations related to any projects from


A Conflict-free Replicated Data Type (CRDT) is a data structure that simplifies distributed data storage systems and multi-user applications. | In many systems, copies of some data need to be stored on multiple computers (known as replicas). Examples of such systems include: | Mobile apps that store data on the local device, and that need to sync that data to other devices belonging to the same user (such as calendars, notes, contacts, or reminders); Distributed databases, which maintain multiple replicas of the data (in the same datacenter or in different locations) so that the system continues working correctly if some of the replicas are offline; Collaboration software, such as Google Docs, Trello, Figma, or many others, in which several users can concurrently make changes to the same file or data; Large-scale data storage and processing systems, which replicate data in order to achieve global scalability.


Crux helps you share your app's business logic and behavior across mobile (iOS and Android) and web, as a single, reusable core built with Rust.


DHW - DataHandwerk toolkit mssql | DHW. Handwerk statt Massenproduktion. Craft instead of mass production. MSSQL based tools for data craftsmen. Individual customization instead of assembly line.

Data Thinking

Data Thinking course.


Dataverse is open source research data repository software: | We are moving to Zulip from Matrix and have updated accordingly. | For feedback on Zulip itself, please use the zulip stream. Thanks!

Deep Symmetry

Sharing and supporting electronic music through open-source software and performances. | Before you sign up or log in: * Participants are expected to adhere to the same Code of Conduct that applies on project pages. | Thanks for joining the conversation!

Deutschsprachige Cloud Natives Community

The coolest place in the universe.


The coolest place in the universe.


DragonOS龙操作系统是一个面向服务器领域的,从0开发内核及用户态环境,并提供Linux兼容性的64位操作系统。 | DragonOS的目标是,构建一个完全独立自主的、开源的、高性能及高可靠性的服务器操作系统,为国家数字基础设施建设提供完全独立自主的底层核心动力,打造完全自主的数字化未来! | 官方网站: GitHub: 社区联系邮箱:


Community for the discussion of development and support for E4S: The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack | The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) is a community effort to provide open source software packages for developing, deploying and running scientific applications on high-performance computing (HPC) platforms. E4S provides from-source builds and containers of a broad collection of HPC software packages.


An eBPF program is "attached" to a designated code path in the kernel. When the code path is traversed, any attached eBPF programs are executed. Given its origin, eBPF is especially suited to writing network programs and it's possible to write programs that attach to a network socket to filter traffic, to classify traffic, and to run network classifier actions. It's even possible to modify the settings of an established network socket with an eBPF program.


electronic Computational Homotopy Theory research community


A community about e-graphs and related data structures. Users, researchers, and enthusiasts welcome!


The fediverse (a portmanteau of "federation" and "universe") is an ensemble of federated (i.e. interconnected) servers that are used for web publishing (i.e. social networking, microblogging, blogging, or websites) and file hosting, but which, while independently hosted, can communicate with each other.

FHIR Community

FHIR is a platform specification that defines a set of capabilities used across the healthcare process. * Sign in here to chat with the FHIR community. | Sign in here to chat with the FHIR community. * Before joining, please read and make sure you can follow the community expectations | Before joining, please read and make sure you can follow the community expectations


The coolest place in the universe.


FreedroidRPG is a mature open source sci-fi isometric role playing game. | It tells the story of a world destroyed by a conflict between robots and their human masters. Play as Tux in a quest to save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy. You get to choose which path you wish to follow, and freedom of choice is everywhere in the game. | FreedroidRPG features a real time combat system with melee and ranged weapons, fairly similar to the proprietary game Diablo. There is an innovative system of programs that can be run in order to take control of enemy robots, alter their behavior, or improve one's characteristics. An advanced dialog system provides story background and immersive role playing situations.

Free Software Clan

The coolest place in the universe.


The GiellaLT org at Zulip is a meeting place for everyone using the GiellaLT infrastructure, and also the place to meet the members of the Divvun and the Giellatekno groups at UiT. We work with language technology tools for indigenous and minority languages, especially the Sámi languages. More information at | Anyone can join. A grace period of one day to become full members is enforced to avoid bots and spamming. | We appreciate it if you present yourself in the #new members thread when joining.


GOBL is an Open Source library and schema that helps developers build electronic business documents like invoices. | It includes: * JSON Schemas that make it easy to build and share documents. * Tax Regime definitions included local taxes and validation rules. * Calculation algorithms that avoid rounding errors.


Gren is a programming language that helps you write simple and correct applications.


Welcome to the GROMACS Zulip chat! | GROMACS is a free and open-source software suite for high-performance molecular dynamics and output analysis, in particular to simulate motions and interactions of biological macromolecules such as proteins & nucleic acids. | Our Zulip chat is the informal & interactive discussion board for developers where we share experiences, request help (e.g. with code review), and simply keep track of various things happening. | If you need help with usage, or simply have a user-related discussion, please use our discussion forum at - because there we try to monitor which threads have not yet received answers.


Hermes is a heterogeneous-aware, multi-tiered, dynamic, and distributed I/O buffering system that aims to significantly accelerate I/O performance. See the official site for more information. For design documents, architecture description, performance data, and individual component design, see the wiki.


Welcome to the RustHermit user and developer community chat! | This forum is for sharing technical writing and publishing experiences with RustyHermit and its related sub project.


The Hibernate project's open source development community.


Heidelberg Institute for Global Health :: kinh dot nguyen at uni dash heidelberg dot de :: | Join if you want to set up streams for your working group/projects. Otherwise, join just to chat.


Discussion and support for HomelabOS | Or anything self-hosted or Linux-y. Just come in and chat! :) | Your question may take a few hours or days to be replied to, please be patient. | NOTE: Please don't message anyone directly for support unless they ask you to. Please post in the #support stream so others can help out with and learn from your issues.


Hydraulic makes tools for software developers. Our first tool is Conveyor, which makes native packages for common desktop and server operating systems.

Ibis project

Ibis is the portable Python dataframe library. | If you’ve had issues with scaling data transformation code in Python, need to work with data in multiple data platforms, find yourself translating between other Python dataframe APIs, or just want a great Python dataframe experience, Ibis is for you. | Join to have realtime chats to discuss Ibis, troubleshoot issues, or ask questions.


Real-time chat for the community. All member projects are encouraged to create a stream for themselves. See also the special "Hackathons" stream.

India Ultimate

Ultimate Players Association of India discussions


A community for indie developers. Whether you're building a game, an application or a service, we are all here to help each other on our journeys.


A cool place for beginners and experts alike playing with mathematics and algorithms in the Isabelle theorem prover!

Julia Community

This is the Zulip server for the Julia programming language community. We ask anyone joining to adhere to the Julia Code of Conduct. | To learn more about Julia, check out, or just come ask us here! | You can reach out to the admins of this Zulip by sending a direct message to @zulip-admins. | If you sign up, you will be able to see all public streams/channels, there's more than just the helpdesk!


The Jupyter community is dedicated to building open tools and services that support interactive computing for data-driven exploration and collaboration. We are an open and inclusive community, and welcoming participation and collaboration from all. By participating in this space, you must agree to abide by the Jupyter Code of Conduct (


The coolest place in the universe.


The coolest place in the universe.

KMK Firmware

KMK: Clackety Keyboards Powered by Python.


Creates diagrams from textual descriptions! | Kroki provides a unified API with support for BlockDiag (BlockDiag, SeqDiag, ActDiag, NwDiag, PacketDiag, RackDiag), BPMN, Bytefield, C4 (with PlantUML), Ditaa, Erd, GraphViz, Mermaid, Nomnoml, PlantUML, SvgBob, UMLet, Vega, Vega-Lite, WaveDrom... and more to come!


Community chat about the Lean interactive theorem prover (


LibreCAD, a free, open source 2D CAD software. | Join this chat channel to talk to other users and the LibreCAD team. Consider the world wide community and be patient.

Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is a coordination language for system-level design that brings intuitive concurrency and a model of time to mainstream programming languages. Join our Zulip community to keep up with the latest and interact with contributors, users, and followers of the Lingua Franca project.


A large language model (LLM) is a computerized language model, embodied by an artificial neural network using an enormous amount of 'parameters' (i.e 'neurons' in its layers with up to tens of millions to billions 'weights' between them), that are (pre-)trained on many GPUs in relatively short time due to massive parallel processing of vast amounts of unlabeled texts containing up to trillions of tokens (i.e. parts of words) provided by corpora such as Wikipedia Corpus and Common Crawl, using self-supervised learning or semi-supervised learning, resulting in a tokenized vocabulary with a probability distribution.

Mac and Cheese

This is a tiny Zulip instance that you can use for quick testing. Note that it may include un-censored bots. Please use full names.


Team chat for the Manyverse project.


A Javascript Framework for Building Brilliant Applications.


弊社はShopifyアプリに特化したソフトウェア開発会社です。 Shopify Experts/Shopify Partner of the Year 2021 受賞


Mixxx is Free DJ software that gives you everything you need to perform live mixes. | Please read the Mixxx Code of Conduct before participating.

Mobus Operandi

A mob programming community. |


MocaccinoOS is a minimal Linux meta-distribution for the 21st century! | Beyond Gentoo. | MocaccinoOS uses Luet as a package manager, which is completely static and fully based on containers. | Mocaccino Desktop is Gentoo-based (formerly Sabayon branch) suited for Desktop environments.


Mopidy is an extensible music server written in Python. | Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and more. You edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using a range of MPD and web clients. |


chat for napari: a multi-dimensional image viewer for python


Narayana is a transactions toolkit which provides support for applications developed using a broad range of standards-based transaction protocols (

Network Stack Tester

NeST is a python3 package that handles testbed setup, testbed configuration, collecting and visualizing data by providing a user friendly API, addressing common issues involved in conducting networking experiments. | Repository:


We're an open, friendly community of hobbyists, tinkerers, and, well, chatty sorts. :-) All of our channels are also bridged to Matrix, IRC and Telegram, so be sure to invite your off-platform mates too! We've got channels for a chess club, a maths / puzzle club, a book club, as well as channels on parenting advice, geopol, Extinction Rebellion (XR), Just Stop Oil, and antiwork. We also host 'green rooms' for the Culture War Radio podcast, and the IRCNow podcast. Drop by and say hello! :-)

Nostr NIPs Discussion

A place that's maybe better than Github for discussing changes to NIPs. Not intended to be a replacement for PR reviews.


Everything related to OCaml

One Fact Foundation

Our mission is to change global healthcare and education using open source principles.

Open Nexus Group

Come chat about our OS projects ( or maybe even get coding tips. | (We are small, so we're not here all the time, but we're around!)

Open Source SFW

Decent discussions about Open Source security, maturity, self-support etc. Safe for work (SFW). Geeks and IT workers all welcome :)


The OPS4J community is creating open and free software for the Java platform with a focus on OSGi.


This is the Open Source Development Community chat server | Our goal is to help people who are interesting in contributing to any open source software to get started. We provide the Open Source Development Course for which the slides and the video recording are freely availble on our web site. We help get over the initial technical and social problems to allow you to become a contributing member of the community. | For more information check out

Oxbow Community

Oxbow is a data unification layer to unlock native bioinformatics data for high performance analytics. Oxbow is not a new file standard. Instead, it is a low-level bridge designed to complement existing workflows and democratize data science innovation in genomics.


Pachno is an open source project management, issue handling and helpdesk system.


Pijul is an open source distributed version control system based on a theory of asynchronous collaboration.

Plataforma Solar de Almería

The Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA), a dependency of the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), is the largest concentrating solar technology research, development and test center in Europe. PSA activities are integrated in the CIEMAT organization as an R&D division of the Department of Energy.


A Japanese community for those who love programming language systems (e.g. compilers, interpreters, ...etc). Originally was it a Slack community:


Raku Programming Language A powerful, feature-rich, multi-paradigm programming language | Website: Alternative website: | Code of Conduct


Rebol language development.

The official home of Recap Time Squad on Zulip, bridged over at Matrix (alongside Keybase, Discord and as planned). | Treat our Zulip Cloud organization more like a forum alternative to GitHub's community discussions for organizations, although we also do async chat here.


Chat for Reign web framework.


The Roc programming language


Cryptographic algorithms written in pure Rust:

Rust Cryptography Interest Group

Our mission is to foster a robust Rust cryptography ecosystem. |

Rust for Linux

Adding support for the Rust language to the Linux kernel.


Scientific Computing ecosystem for Rust


SageMath is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. | Our mission: create a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab. | This Zulip server welcomes both users looking for support as well as developers looking for a space to discuss projects for improving Sage.


A generic framework for on-demand, incrementalized computation.


Single-cell epigenomics analysis pipeline

SoftwareHub Community

Selamat Datang ! أهلا بك ! خوشامد Merhaba ! | Welcome to the active, energetic, dynamic, fast moving SoftwareHub community. | We are passionate about learning * modern Software engineering practices * Linux systems programming using C++ * Database PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Graph databases * Machine Learning using C++ * Microservice based architecture * ContainerNative projects and tools using Golang * DevOps, Orchestration and CI/CD tools * Cryptography, Security, DevSecOps * Platform engineering gcc-linux-glibc.


Scottish Programming Languages Seminar | A friendly Zulip space for people interested in programming languages in Scotland and their friends |


str0m is a WebRTC library written in Rust. | The ambition is to create a first class WebRTC library with a Rust-y API. Being first class means it interoperates well with all major browsers as well as other WebRTC implementations. Rust-y means both the API and internals take advantage of Rust's data ownership and lifetime rules.


Constructing a blazing fast symbolic manipulation toolkit


The coolest place in the universe.


The coolest place in the universe.


The Anweddol project

Anweddol is a client/server system providing temporary, SSH-controllable virtual machines to enhance anonymity online.

The LCR song format

Discussions about the LCR song format and its reference implementation, the LyChoRhyce program. Welcome!

Unstructured Studio

Designing learning tools and experiences to bring creativity to all

You focus core business , We resolve user system 您专注于核心业务 , 我们解决用户系统


Communication point for the Veraison Attestation Verification component open source project (


The open source procedural texturing tool for everyone | Code of Conduct

Vulnerability Management (VUL)

The coolest place in the universe.


Web3 works by combining the decentralization of Web 1.0 with the interactiveness of Web 2.0 in a user-friendly interface. Ideally, it gives users more control over their online experience and increased security through blockchain technology.

Web of Things

The community oriented topics within the umbrella of W3C Web of Things activities


The coolest place in the universe.


This Zulip organization hosts streams for discussing any Why3 related project.


Welcome to the Wikimedia Zulip chat! | Join to interact with students and mentors of Wikimedia Outreach programs through group chats and private messages. | Learn more about Wikimedia: | Outreach programs | Code of Conduct | Movement and projects


The coolest place in the universe.

xi-editor and related projects

This is the community space for xi-editor and a fairly broad range of related projects; it's generally open to Rust open source projects that somehow work with xi. | Interaction here follows the Rust code of conduct.


The coolest place in the universe.


The coolest place in the universe.

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