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  • Unlimited search history
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  • Priority commercial support
  • Funds the Zulip open source project
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Zulip is 100% free and open source, with no proprietary version.
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  • All Free features included
  • Professional support with SLAs
  • High availability
  • Incident collaboration
  • Advanced compliance
  • Funds the Zulip open source project
Affordable pricing depends on support required.
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Frequently asked questions

How do I request sponsorship or special pricing for my organization?

You can request sponsorship from an organization's billing page, or contact us at Zulip sponsors free Zulip Cloud Standard for hundreds of worthy organizations via the above programs. Organizations whose members are not employees are generally eligible for special pricing.

Does Zulip scale to a large number of users?

Yes! Some of our biggest fans have hundreds or thousands of users, including Fortune 500 companies like Akamai, and open source communities like The Recurse Center. If you’d like to see a large Zulip in action, the Zulip community server has thousands of accounts and hundreds of weekly active users, and is run on a single machine with 8GB of RAM.

Can I pay by credit card and/or invoice?

You can always use a credit card to pay, and we can bill by invoice for amounts over $1000.

Can I start on Zulip Cloud and later move to On-Premise?

Yes! Our high quality export and import tools (cloud, on-premise) ensure you can always move from our hosting to yours (and back). If you’d like to do a migration, email and we’ll get you started!

How are guest users billed?

Guests cannot see or join streams they are not invited to. Guests subscribed to more than 1 stream are billed like regular users. Guests subscribed to a single stream are generally free, unless you have more than 5 times as many single-stream guests as paying users. More details are available here.

How does the free plan message limit work?

Only the most recent 10,000 messages can be viewed and searched with Zulip Free. Older messages are still stored and will become available again should the organization purchase a paid plan or get Zulip Cloud Standard free because they are an open source project or similar organization.

What is the difference between automatic and manual billing?

With automatic billing, you automatically purchase a Zulip license for each user in your organization at the start of each billing period (month or year). Deactivating a user frees up their license for reuse. Additional licenses are purchased automatically as needed. With manual billing, you choose and pay for a preset user limit. If the limit is reached, no more users can join until licenses are manually added. In general, we highly recommend selecting automatic billing unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

How will I be charged for temporary users (e.g. limited-time clients)?

Users can be deactivated any time. Deactivating a user frees up their license for reuse.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Stop by the Zulip community server to see Zulip in action and chat with the developers, tweet @zulip, or shoot us an email at!

Zulip: The most complete team chat solution.

Feature Zulip Slack Mattermost Discord
Apps for every platform
Hundreds of integrations
Self-hosting available
Emoji reactions
Markdown formatting
Topic-based threading
Lightning-fast search
Free and open source Open core *

* Mattermost Team is open source, but many features are only available in their proprietary version, Mattermost Enterprise.