Collaborative to-do lists

Zulip supports creating shared to-do lists where any user who can access the message can add tasks by entering the task's title and description, and clicking Add task. Once created, task titles and descriptions cannot be edited. The task list title can be edited any time by the to-do list's creator.

Create a to-do list

  1. Open the compose box.

  2. Make sure the compose box is empty.

  3. Type /todo followed by a space, and the title of the to-do list.

  4. (optional) Type each task on a new line, with its description, if any, after a : and blank space.

  5. Click the Send () button, or use a keyboard shortcut to send your message.

You will be able to add tasks after the to-do list is created.

Add tasks to a to-do list

  1. Fill out the New task field and optionally the Description field at the bottom of the to-do list.

  2. Click Add task to add the new task to the to-do list.

Edit the to-do list title

Only the creator of a to-do list can edit the title.

  1. Click the pencil () icon to the right of the title.

  2. Edit the title as desired.

  3. Click the checkmark () icon or press Enter to save your changes.

You can click the icon or press Esc to discard your changes.


What you type

/todo Today's tasks
Task 1: This is the first task.
Task 2: This is the second task.
Last task

What it looks like

Markdown todo-lists

Tasks can be marked (and unmarked) as completed by clicking the checkboxes on the left.