Rename a topic

Zulip makes it possible to rename topics. This is useful for keeping messages organized, even if some users are still learning how to use topics effectively. You can also move content to another topic.

When a topic is renamed, Zulip's permanent links to messages in context will automatically redirect to the new location of the message. Muted topics are automatically migrated when a topic is renamed.

Organizations can configure which roles have permission to rename topics.

Rename a topic

Via the message recipient bar

  1. Click the pencil () icon in the message recipient bar. If you do not see the pencil () icon, you do not have permission to rename this topic.

  2. Edit the topic name.

  3. Click the checkmark () icon to save your changes.

Via the left sidebar (alternate method)

  1. Hover over a topic in the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the ellipsis ().

  3. Select Move topic or Rename topic. If you do not see either option, you do not have permission to rename this topic.

  4. Edit the topic name.

  5. (optional) If using the Move topic menu, select the destination channel for the topic from the channels dropdown list.

  6. Toggle whether automated notices should be sent.

  7. Click Confirm to rename the topic.