Bulleted lists

Zulip supports Markdown formatting for bulleted lists. You can create bulleted lists using *, -, or + at the start of each line. Add two spaces before the bullet to create a nested list.

Create a bulleted list

  1. Open the compose box.

  2. Type *, -, or + followed by a space and some text to start a bulleted list.

  3. Press Enter to automatically add a new bullet to the list.

Pressing Enter on a blank list item will remove the list formatting on the current line.

  1. Open the compose box.

  2. (optional) Select the text you want to format.

  3. Click the Bulleted list () icon at the bottom of the compose box to insert list formatting.

You can also use the Bulleted list () icon to remove existing list formatting from the current line or selected text.


What you type

* bulleted lists
  * with sub-bullets too
  * sub-bullets start with 2 spaces
    * start sub-sub-bullets with 4 spaces
* multi
- dashes and
+ pluses are ok too

What it looks like

Markdown bullets