Restrict permissions of new members

This feature is only available to organization owners.

In large Zulip organizations where anyone can join, it can be useful to restrict what new members can do, to make it easier to cope with spammers and confused users.

Members are new members from when they join till when their account ages past a certain waiting period threshold. After that they are full members. You can configure how long the waiting period is, as well as which actions require being a full member.

For some features, Zulip supports restricting access to only full members. These features include creating channels, inviting users to the organization, adding custom emoji, and many more.

Set waiting period for new members

  1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

  2. Select Organization settings.

  3. On the left, click Organization permissions.

  4. Under Joining the organization, configure Waiting period before new members turn into full members.

  5. Click Save changes.