Printing messages

Zulip conversations are printable from the Zulip web app. So is any other message feed view, including searches.

  1. Navigate to a stream, topic, or direct message view.

  2. Ensure that all messages you wish to print from further back in time have been loaded and can be scrolled to on screen (all loaded messages will print).

  3. Use your browser's print feature (e.g., File > Print) to preview and print your messages.

Messages will print beginning with the oldest loaded message you can see on screen. If you need your printout to include messages from further back in time, you'll need to scroll up through the message history until you can see the messages you wish to print.

Conversation printouts exclude sidebars and other interface features that you otherwise see on screen. And whether you're viewing Zulip in the light or dark theme, Zulip message views will print with appropriate colors for paper or system-generated PDFs. Background colors will not be printed.