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From small teams to organizations with thousands of users, Zulip has you covered. See plans and pricing.

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Zulip’s support team will provide assistance with features marked with a .
Features you will need to set up and maintain on your own are marked with a .

Collaboration basics
Message history search Limited
Topic-based threading
File sharing and storage 5 GB total 5 GB/user 5 GB/user
Voice and video calls (1:1)
Choose a call provider (Zoom, Jitsi, etc.)
Voice and video calls (group)
Choose a call provider (Zoom, Jitsi, etc.)
Integrations with other apps
Localized in more than 20 languages
Web app
Any modern browser
Desktop apps
Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile apps
iOS and Android
Terminal app
Mobile push notifications Limited
Efficient communication
Expressive formatting
Code syntax highlighting, LaTeX, etc.
Collaborative messages
Polls, todo lists
Extensive keyboard shortcuts
Move messages between channels and topics
Mark topics as resolved
Lightweight project management
Permanent message links
User status and availability
Custom emoji
Read receipts
Typing notifications
Send later, mark unread, and other workflows
Highly configurable notification settings
Email notifications
Previews for links, images and videos
Auto-link text to issues, tickets, etc.
Configurable call provider
Zoom, Jitsi, BigBlueButton, etc.
Native GIPHY integration
130+ native integrations
1000s of integrations though Zapier and IFTTT
Admin controls for all bots and integrations
Custom webhooks
REST API custom integrations
Chat bridges with other products
Slack, Microsoft Teams, Matrix, etc.
Email bridge integration
AI / LLM integration
User administration
Email authentication
Reusable invitation links
OAuth social logins
Google, GitHub, GitLab, Apple
Custom profile fields
Including Okta and OneLogIn
SSO with Azure Active Directory
SSO with OpenID Connect Please inquire Please inquire
100+ authentication options
With python-social-auth
Please inquire Please inquire
AD/LDAP user sync Please inquire Please inquire
AD/LDAP group sync Please inquire Please inquire
SCIM user sync
Create users via the Zulip API
Custom user groups
Guest users
Limit user list access for guests
Advanced administration
Private channels with shared history
Private channels with private history
Channel posting permissions
Permissions for editing , deleting and moving messages
Configure initial settings for new users
Configure initial channels for new users
Public access option
Advanced moderation tools
Usage statistics charts
Custom branding
Custom domain
100% open-source, auditable codebase
Restricted email domains
Custom password strength requirement
TLS encryption
Custom SSL certificate authority
Custom TLS server termination
Firewalled hosting
Air-gapped hosting
Data encryption at rest
No-content push notifications
Revoke and reset any user's credentials
API endpoint access rate limits
Message editing and deletion policies
Complete data exports
Granular data retention policies
Detailed audit log of administrative actions
Compliance exports
GDPR compliant
HIPAA compliant
Compliance customization and support Please inquire Please inquire Billed hourly Billed hourly
Deployment options
Multiple organizations on one server
Maintain a local fork
Keep custom code across upgrades
Comprehensive data backups and restores
Real-time data backup and replication
Off-server attachment storage
NAS, S3, etc.
Outgoing proxy
Docker deployments
Kubernetes deployments with Helm
Scalability for thousands of concurrent users
Deploy supporting services on separate hosts
Disaster recovery failover
Monitoring and alerting
Sentry integration for error reporting
Chat support in the Zulip development community
Feature feedback sessions Chat only
Email support
Import data from another Zulip server
Import data from Slack, Mattermost, or Rocket.Chat
Import data from other chat products Please inquire Billed hourly
Realtime support for installation and upgrades Billed hourly
Implementation consulting Billed hourly Billed hourly Billed hourly Billed hourly
Training sessions Billed hourly Billed hourly Billed hourly Billed hourly
Custom feature development Billed hourly Billed hourly Billed hourly
Advance notice for security releases